Corey Miller

Corey Miller is the President and Chief Executive Officer for Emmanuel Health. Emmanuel Health operates publicly funded Catholic healthcare facilities serving patients, residents and families in 10 communities throughout Saskatchewan. These facilities include acute care hospitals and health centers, long term care and rehab facilities, an addictions center, seniors housing, community day programs for seniors and a palliative care hospice. Prior to this Miller was the Vice President, Provincial Programs at Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), overseeing the delivery of safe, high quality health care for the entire province of Saskatchewan.

Miller is no stranger to health care and fundraising. Corey was a board member for the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital from 2019-2020 and a board member with the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan until 2022. Miller graduated from Kelsey Campus in 1990, the University of Saskatchewan in 1995, and University of Regina in 2010 with a Master of Business Administration and is currently based in Saskatoon.